Keep Your Commercial Roofing Protected in Aurora, CO

Commercial roofing covers large areas, and it is best to keep it protected at all times. At Abraham Benson Roofing, LLC, we understand that your building is one of your most significant assets; therefore, we can apply a coating to guarantee it lasts longer. We strive to provide high-performance solutions and quality workmanship during every visit!

The benefits of applying a layer of coating to your roof include:

  • Keeps your property cool
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Protects against leaks
  • Increases your roof’s longevity

Restore Your Commercial Roof

We apply American WeatherStar coatings

Our commercial roofing company is proud to be certified to apply American WeatherStar coatings. These solutions are designed to restore your roof and protect it from the elements. There is a roof coating product for each type of roof, and we’ll assist you in ensuring we use the one that fits your needs and budget. Coatings are made of different materials, so you’ll have a lot to choose from!

We’ll Evaluate Your Roofing System

Reduce maintenance costs

Find out if your commercial roofing is eligible for our coating service! Schedule an appointment with our team in Aurora, CO, and we’ll evaluate your roofing system. We can recommend the best coating for your needs and guarantee that it will keep your roof protected year-round. Our certified contractors will visit you and get the job done right!

Our Full Range of Services

abraham service roof

Make your roof look good as new using quality materials.

Residential Roofing
abraham service roof re roofing

Replace your existing roof to prevent future problems.

Residential Re-Roof
abraham service roof repair

Increase your roof's longevity by providing effective repairs.

Roof Repair
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Protect your commercial roof and increase its longevity.

Commercial Roof Coating

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